Any important news or changes will be posted here.

The Butcher was downed again on the 25th of jan. 9 manning it. Amazing group.

Welcome To Anathema

You can find us on the Bladefist server(Zenedar/Frostwhisper)
The guild was formed in 2008, as a group of old friends from another guild, decided we still wanted to share the fun,
but in a guild of our own.
We are a casual guild. Most of the members of our guild have been playing WoW for a long time, and might have other priorities than most guilds.
We try to keep the old school style of Warcraft-gaming. Essentially: Respect your guildies, be helpful, be social and most
important of all...have fun with your guild.

We try to raid on a weekly basis, mainly on weekends. As we have more mature guildies, this also means that alot
of us have to maintain a life outside WoW.
Many of us enjoy PvP aswell. Arenas and Bgs makes a nice outlet for our horde-frustrations. We aim to get
a RBG-group going very soon.
If this sounds like a guild for you, dont hesitate to whisper any of us for an invite. You are more than welcome in
Anathema, even on lower level chars